Freedust first became airborne when Daniele Carmosino met singer Lisa Widmark among the creaking Hammonds and weather-beaten Moogs of an antique music equipment store in 2015. With more than just musical influences in common, the pair shared a feel for the music they wanted to create and soon began realising their vision in Daniele’s home studio. Combining their initial inspiration of Swing music of the 1930s and 40s, filtered through their love of pop, jazz, electronica and vintage gear to create a something new yet familiar, timeless. The duo were soon joined by guest singer Sarina Leah from London and the geographical influences of all three Freedusters (Italy, Sweden, UK) combine to form their singular sound .

Their debut EP ‘Jump Up and Down’ is a journey through bouncy beats and dusty breaks, scratched horns and whimsical electronics underpinning catchy melodies and gossamer vocals, for a fresh and playful approach to female-fronted experimental pop.

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'Jump Up and Down'  Freedust feat. Sarinah Leah, Videoclip 2019

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